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The information on this page pertains to EF EnergyFunders Ventures, Inc.

Executive Chairman

Roger S Braugh, Jr

Mr. Braugh is a licensed attorney and co-founder of and long-time investor in upstream and midstream energy-related businesses and service companies.

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Thomas M Crain, Jr

Mr. Crain joined the company in 2016. He previously served as Vice President of Everest Minerals Corporation, Everest Exploration Inc. and numerous limited partnerships for Everest beginning in 1986.

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Paul C Sewell

Paul C. Sewell is a lawyer in the law firm of Cameron Dee Sewell, P.C. Mr. Sewell specializes in commercial law representing the interests of his clients who range from small business entrepreneurs to multi-million dollar entities.

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Chris Pettit

Chris Pettit is a founding partner of the law firm Chris Pettit & Associates and brings with him deep knowledge and experience of the oil and gas industry, tax matters, and investment management strategies.

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Navneet Behl

Nav has over 27 years of experience in the petroleum industry. He served as a key member of EOG’s unconventional Barnett Shale team, which developed modern shale completion techniques that ultimately kicked off the U.S. shale revolution.

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Garrett Glass

Garrett is currently the managing partner and co-founder of a real estate development company with 20 years of business and financial management experience.

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