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Direct Energy Investing
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  Oil & Gas Crowdfunding Leader Since 2013

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Direct Energy Investing
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  The Leader in Oil & Gas Crowdfunding Worldwide

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How It Works: Make an Oil & Gas Investment in Just 3 Steps

Research Investment Opportunities

Research Investment

It’s free. Get instant access and start investing today.We apply due diligence to each opportunity so you can invest with confidence.

Finalize Your Investment

Finalize Your

Make intelligent investments from the comfort of your home in minutes with our streamlined paperless process.

Stay Engaged and Get Paid

Stay Engaged and
Get Paid

Explore our Education Center and track the progress of your investment. When the project is funded and the rig hits the pay zone, you get paid every quarter.

Why Invest With EnergyFunders?

A New Investment Platform

A New Investment Platform

Using EnergyFunders’ secure web platform, Verified Investors can browse pre-vetted drilling or re-working projects, view details of an investment and submit legal documents online. It’s never been easier to invest in an oil and gas deal.

Not Just a listing service

Not Just
a Listing Service

We’re here past the introductory handshake. We represent investor interests, handle collection of investor capital and manage revenue payments back out to the investor. Our profit is from a carried interest in successful projects. We are here to make the deal work.​

Industry Insider Opportunities

Industry Insider Opportunities

We have a strong pipeline of deal flow stemming from top notch industry contacts. Our experts vet the deal, negotiate and structure it, and offer it to Verified Investors for low buy-ins.

Energy Investing 2.0

Traditionally, energy has represented an investment class that has presented high hurdles to entry—possession of technical, financial, and legal savvy, not to mention large monetary investments required for each project. The barriers to entry have traditionally been too high for most investors to overcome. But, the potential to maximize rewards remains a strong incentive for many to enter this space. EnergyFunders seeks to reduce the barriers for entry by pooling technical knowledge, financial analysis and legal and deal structuring to allow more investors to enter the space. In addition to pooling knowledge and diverse skill sets, EnergyFunders enables investors to pool funds to invest directly into projects that would otherwise be out of reach, or to obtain a level of diversification that would be out of reach for all but the very largest individual and institutional investors. Drilling projects present risk even when those risks have been reduced through application of due diligence in all the major disciplinary fields. Diversification is thus paramount to entering the space. Providing diversification and transparency are the critical components of the EnergyFunders investment model. See into a project with clarity, eliminate middlemen, and learn the true market value of participation in energy investing projects by becoming an active member of EnergyFunders.


Oil and Gas Investments

Oil and Gas Investments

Investing in oil and gas can be an innovative way to diversify your portfolio, and it can also reap tremendous rewards. It is good to keep in mind, however, that this kind of investment has the potential for high risk as well. Continue reading for strategies you can use to minimize your risk and maximize your chances of success.


The seasoned investor chooses projects which don’t depend on high commodity prices for oil or gas, but instead return a profit regardless of prevailing prices. While this can be difficult to pull off as an individual investor, the ideal scenario is to join with a trusted group of experts to negotiate an investment which pays off even during periods of low oil and gas prices. Profits will of course be lower during these stretches, but prices often fluctuate upward, wildly and unexpectedly. When that happens, you want to already be holding assets in hand. It is then that your profits can increase or the project can be sold factoring in higher commodity prices. Diversification is also very important as an investment strategy, because any individual gas or oil project is subject to failure, but a broad range of projects is far less likely to undergo a general collapse. Not only should you diversify across many assets, you should diversify the type of projects you become involved in, for instance shale wells, shallow wells, deep wells, and re-worked wells. Whatever you do, stay in it for the long run, and don’t panic when oil or gas prices fluctuate.


Investing in Oil

Investing In Oil

Crude oil investments are an excellent way to round out your portfolio, and the potential for earning large profits is very appealing. Of course, there are also certain risks associated with this kind of investment, so you need to invest wisely to minimize your exposure to risk factors. One pitfall to avoid is becoming involved in projects which rely on high prices to be profitable.


Instead, try to find projects which will at least generate modest profits in any kind of pricing environment, even when crude oil prices are very low. This strategy positions you to reap outsize rewards when prices spike upward. Another prudent approach is to invest directly in the oil well itself, rather than a crude oil company. When you invest in an oil drilling company, you are indirectly paying salaries and you become exposed to risk created at the boardroom, not the well head. But, when you invest directly in the well, your actual return on investment can be much larger. Spreading risk has always been a prudent investment strategy and it’s certainly true in the crude oil industry. By investing in many different wells, and many different types of oil drilling projects, you can greatly reduce your exposure to failure on any one project. Most importantly, don’t abandon ship when oil prices fluctuate downward. Sit through the clouds, and wait for the sun to come back out. If you try to cut your losses during a downturn, it can eliminate your exposure to the rebound.


Natural Gas Investing

Investing In Natural Gas

Investing in natural gas may not be as exciting as oil to the unseasoned investor, but natural gas investments go hand in hand with oil investments, The general idea when investing in natural gas is to reduce your exposure to risk, while concurrently maximizing your potential for earning profits. This can be done by keeping some general guidelines in mind.


Natural gas opportunities exist in many different regions and basins across the United States. Shale is the opportunity that receives the most attention in the press, but many traditional reservoirs are still available for production of natural gas. Putting your entire investment in a small number of projects dramatically increases your exposure to risk in the event of single-project failure. Ensure that your investment portfolio includes participating directly in the natural gas well itself, rather than solely in the companies doing the drilling (i.e., expand your investment beyond the publicly traded markets). When you invest in a company, you are indirectly paying its expenses and paying its employees, whereas investing in a well cuts through all that extra expense and has the potential to unlock the highest return on your investment. When you’re investing in a drilling project, make the effort to find out the real costs of drilling, so you’ll have a better idea of what your costs should amount to if you were to become involved with the project. You shouldn’t be paying an exorbitant amount just to participate in a drilling project. If you allow yourself to be overcharged as a partner, your profits will be far less than they might have been. Find out the fair market value of similar projects and what participation fees were, if any. This will give you a basis for negotiating your own involvement on the projects which appeal to you. Or, join a trusted group that shares the responsibility for vetting and negotiating deals. Regardless of your approach, always demand transparency in deal structure and finances.



EnergyFunders is unique crowdfunding for serious investors like you. We feature only pre-vetted investment projects that meet stringent criteria.

EnergyFunders brings you the best investment projects in the micro energy market. We focus on lower risk, high return projects that are often hard to find and difficult to access through ordinary channels. Direct energy investors know that projects like these can easily exceed the returns generated by traditional and other alternative investments like real estate. From many project submissions, we select only those that survive a rigorous vetting procedure including analysis of financial metrics, engineering review, title review, and lengthy negotiations with the project operator. Our unique dealflow and rigorous review ensure that you get access to lower risk, high return energy investments you cannot find elsewhere.

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