Why EnergyFunders?

Invest in Oil: Low Buy-ins

Invest in oil across more projects with low buy-ins. Diversify your portfolio.

Better Tax Benefits than Stocks or Real Estate

Deduct up to 100% of Intangible Drilling Costs in the first year!

Vetted and Transparent Investments

Trust and verify: Before any project is accepted, our research team does extensive due diligence, and all data is available to you.

Invest in Oil With a World Class Crowdfunding Platform

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Now is the Time to Acquire Production

Oil rarely gets this cheap. For the past 70 years, every major correction on prices have rebounded to sharply higher prices. For the past 10 years, oil prices have only been lower than $40 twice.

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We Are Partners, Not Promoters

We’re here past the introductory handshake. We represent investor interests, handle collection of investor capital and manage revenue payments back out to the investor. Our profit is from a carried interest in successful projects. We are here to make the deal work.

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Investments That Provide Long-Term Cash Flow

It’s a challenge to find an investment that gives a decent rate of return, let alone cash flow. Oil and gas investments on the EnergyFunders platform can provide sustained cash flow for years.

Raise Capital on the EnergyFunders Platform

Whether it’s a single well, multi-well project or you are looking for investment into your entire well program, EnergyFunders can assist you in raising your capital needs. We seek projects run by management teams with extensive experience, basin-specific experience and a track record of success.

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