Invest in America First Energy Fund I before year end to take advantage of potential tax deductions

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Why EnergyFunders?

Energy Investments Curated by
Industry Specialists

  • Access to off-market oil and gas investments
  • All projects vetted by expert geologists and engineers
  • Diversified portfolio of oil wells already on-production, as well as new projects in underexplored regions of proven basins
yield fund 2

About our Yield Fund II

Oil and Gas Investing in Drilling Opportunities

  • Solely focused on oil and gas assets to take advantage of the strong commodity price environment
  • Quick payout and consistent cash flow
  • Diversification for lower risk
  • Tax benefits
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About our America First Energy Fund I

Oil and Gas Investing in Drilling Opportunities

  • Currently producing wells, which represent a lower risk profile with the potential for higher returns if coupled with favorable commodity prices and operator production optimization
  • New drill opportunities in areas with high potential
  • Diversification for Lower Risk
  • Tax Benefits

About our Drilling Fund I

Oil and Gas Investing in Drilling Opportunities

  • This fund primarily invests in proven oil and gas drilling projects, but will opportunistically allocate some capital toward "wildcat" prospects where we believe the potential upside justifies the additional risk
  • Potential for tax deductions of intangible drilling costs associated with these projects
  • Possible protection from inflation resulting from income streams tied to oil and gas prices

About our Bitcoin Discovery Fund

Accumulate Bitcoin at Potentially Below-Market Rates

  • Become a fractional owner of a fund that invests directly in Bitcoin mines, and receive periodic payouts of bitcoin from our off-grid mining
  • Mines powered by cost-advantaged wellhead natural gas for lower costs and greater operational control
  • Bitcoin mined will be distributed to investors, in proportion to their holdings

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EnergyFunders has been an excellent vehicle for
me to invest in the oil industry. The transparency
offered by them inspires confidence.

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