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Why EnergyFunders?

Energy Investments Curated by
Industry Specialists

  • Access to off-market oil and gas investments
  • All projects vetted by expert geologists and engineers
  • Diversified portfolio of oil wells already on-production, as well as new projects in underexplored regions of proven basins
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About America First Energy Fund I

Capitalize on Today’s Capital-Starved Energy Market, and Support American Oil and Gas Production

  • The EnergyFunders team has assembled a collection of pre-selected oil and gas assets, designed to take advantage of the unique opportunity in America’s capital-starved energy market
  • Investors can access reserves reports that detail the risk/return characteristics of each potential opportunity
  • This targeted portfolio of exclusive opportunities includes investments in already-producing wells alongside new drilling opportunities that present high production potential
  • Support American energy independence with a fund designed to offer a balance between lower-risk producing wells and higher-upside drilling opportunities
  • Eligible investors may be able to reduce their current year tax bill, plus earn additional tax breaks on future oil and gas income

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The EnergyFunders Advantage

Tap into the unique risk/return profile available from private market drilling opportunities.

Public Stocks and Bonds

Private Drilling Partnerships

Opportunities for upfront tax deductions, plus potential tax incentives on future oil and gas income
  1. Exposed to financial market volatility
  2. Inflation pressuring most financial assets
  3. Double taxation on dividends and interest payments
  1. Avoid stock market volatility
  2. Oil and gas cash flow streams offer potential inflation protection
  3. Earn upfront tax deductions, plus tax incentives on future oil and gas income

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