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Build a diversified portfolio of upstream energy assets curated by industry veterans.

  • Targeting 10-30% IRR
  • Investments that make sense in today’s volatile market
  • Target Return of Capital 1-3 years or less
  • Active Tax Benefits for Passive Investors
  • Founded in 2013
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Customize your energy portfolio for your risk/return objectives.

Lower Risk/Less Upside
Higher Risk/More Upside
Investment Grade
Corporate Bonds
Real Estate

Why EnergyFunders?

EnergyFunders is the first platform that combines the power of crowdfunding with the advantage of professionally selected projects. We only work with proven oil and gas operators and oil and gas finders, thoroughly review each potential project, and select only the best opportunities to present to investors.

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Why Invest with Oil & Gas?

  • High Return Potential
  • Tax Breaks for Investors
  • Long Investment Life
  • Faster Cash Flow
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