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Our Story

How It Started

In 2013, EnergyFunders was founded by real estate attorneys, who watched the rise of fundraising platforms revolutionize their industry. They realized the concept could be applied to other alternative assets and concluded that they would create their own platform to make investing in oil and gas more accessible. The original founders sought to create high-return funds by investing in high-risk oil and gas assets.

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Our Track Record

The Success Story

The EnergyFunders team has already seen success from Yield Fund I. Though still in the fund’s investment period, the Yield Fund I GP and LP funds are actively participating in 30 different wells across the US and Canada, and a wellhead bitcoin mining operation located in South Texas. The two funds have cumulatively raised nearly $15 million.

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

Laura Pommer

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Vice President of Reservoir Engineering
and Regulatory Affairs

Virginia Urban Light

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Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Brines

Sales Engineer

Sage Wheelan


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