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America First Energy Fund I

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Our America First Energy Fund offers qualified individuals the opportunity to invest in a diversified group of oil and gas wells, including both producing wells and new drills. Plus, enjoy potential tax deductions, and periodic payouts.

Bitcoin Discovery Fund I

Read about our new Bitcoin Mining fund

Invest in our Bitcoin Discovery Fund I and accumulate bitcoin at below-market rates. You’ll be a fractional owner of our Bitcoin mines, earning potentially high returns.


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Learn about the mission for EnergyFunders set forth by our CEO, Laura Pommer.

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Laura Pommer, EnergyFunders CEO, talks about how we approach energy investing and why you can trust us with your hard-earned money.

View our Parker #10 Well

Experience a 2-minute drone flyover of our successful Parker #10 oil well in Texas. While you enjoy the views, our CEO Laura Pommer discusses the technical aspects of the well.

Watch our Parker #2 and #3 Wells

Watch the full experience of our newest successful wells in our Yield Fund, the Parker Heirs #2 and #3.

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Access private-market energy deals sourced and vetted by our team of expert geologists and engineers. Reap the rewards of our ground-level due diligence and our partnerships with proven, trusted operators that have a long track record of delivering results through safe and sustainable operations.

The oil and gas industry enjoys some of the most lucrative tax benefits available in the U.S. tax code. Starting in 1986, the Federal Government introduced unique tax deductions for investors who directly fund oil and gas wells. Thanks to a new law in place from 2018 – 2023, you can now deduct up to 100% of the well cost in year one of the investment.

Explore the world of off-grid bitcoin mining. Bitcoin is a decentralized, digital monetary network that offers a superior currency alternative. Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin is controlled by software – not central bankers and governments. The Bitcoin protocol ensures that only 21 million coins will ever be created, which means no more silent theft through endless inflation.


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