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The Generational Opportunity from Today’s New Energy Paradigm

A new paradigm has gripped the global energy markets… and it’s creating the most attractive investment opportunity of a generation.In the past, capital chased economic opportunity

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Oil Demand Recovering as Economies Reopen

Like many of you, we’re happy to close the books on 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic put the entire industry to the test, and we were not immune to this year’s challenges.

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Investing 101

Why Invest in Oil and Gas?

The Unique Benefits of Oil and Gas Investing HIGH RETURN POTENTIAL This is the entire reason for investing in the first place, right? Oil and gas investing offers a high return

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Ways to Invest in Oil

Take Control of Your Portfolio With Alternative Investments with EnergyFunders, you have more ways to invest in oil and gas than ever. We’ve partnered with Rocket Dollar

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Tax Benefits

Active vs Passive

What Makes EnergyFunders Different With EnergyFunders you can invest as a general partner or limited partner.The main reason to invest as a general partner

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Understanding the Tax Breaks

Top Three Tax Deductions for Oil and Gas Investments The oil and gas industry enjoys some of the most lucrative benefits available in the U.S. tax code

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