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Open Investments

America First Energy Fund I

Just this year, America became the number one LNG exporter in the world, driven by record shipments to Europe. Over the next decade, billions of dollars in new U.S. export facilities will link domestic U.S. gas prices to much-higher prices in Europe and other international markets. In response to this, EnergyFunders presents a fund built to capitalize on surging American energy exports.

The America First Energy Fund I contains a set of carefully curated assets. Unlike our previous funds, the EnergyFunders team has pre-selected these diverse opportunities specifically for this fund. Our fund raise will be capped at $20MM so be sure to make your investment today!

  • time
    3 – 5 Year Targeted Fund Life
  • piechart
    Periodic Distributions
  • risklevel
    Lower Risk Level

Innovation Fund I

The mission of the new Innovation Fund model is to find and fund startups with innovative technologies that shake up the status quo and solve real-world problems. As an established energy industry disrupter with an established digital platform, EnergyFunders is inviting its investors to be a part of the revolutionization of the car care industry through its first Innovation Fund offering.

By participating in Innovation Fund I, you will be able to diversify your portfolio by investing in innovative energy technologies, like Paleo Car Care, that have established revenue and a defined roadmap for growth.

  • time
    3 – 5 Year Targeted Fund Life
  • piechart
    IPO or Flip Potential Trajectory
  • risklevel
    Higher Risk Level

Opportunity Fund I

This fund is by invitation only

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Bitcoin Discovery Fund

The Bitcoin Discovery Fund is built to deliver you Bitcoin, or fractions of a Bitcoin, with an innovative off-grid mining approach. You have the option of accumulating your share of mined Bitcoin, or selling into the market as you receive them.

Our mobile mining approach benefits from cost-advantaged electricity, produced from natural gas sourced directly at the wellhead. This enables higher profit margins, while also providing a stable source of electricity supply, independent of the grid.

  • time
    3 – 5 Year Targeted Fund Life
  • risklevel
    High Risk Level

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