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Open Investments

Drilling Fund I

The Drilling Fund I will fund the development of new oil and gas wells, providing investors with the unique returns available from private market drilling deals. This includes both lower-risk proven reserve opportunities, as well as "wildcat" style wells - higher returning prospects in underdeveloped oil and gas formations.

Plus, get access to some of the most favorable deductions in the entire U.S. tax code. This includes opportunities for upfront tax deductions on your current year tax bill, just for making the investment (read more about potential tax benefits here).

  • time
    3 – 5 Year Targeted Fund Life
  • risklevel
    Moderate Risk Level

Bitcoin Discovery Fund

The Bitcoin Discovery Fund is built to deliver you Bitcoin, or fractions of a Bitcoin, with an innovative off-grid mining approach. You have the option of accumulating your share of mined Bitcoin, or selling into the market as you receive them.

Our mobile mining approach benefits from cost-advantaged electricity, produced from natural gas sourced directly at the wellhead. This enables higher profit margins, while also providing a stable source of electricity supply, independent of the grid.

  • time
    3 – 5 Year Targeted Fund Life
  • risklevel
    High Risk Level

The EnergyFunders Advantage

Tap into the unique risk/return profile available from private market drilling opportunities.

Public Stocks and Bonds

Private Drilling Partnerships

Opportunities for upfront tax deductions, plus potential tax incentives on future oil and gas income
  1. Exposed to financial market volatility
  2. Inflation pressuring most financial assets
  3. Double taxation on dividents and interest payments
  1. Avoid stock market volatility
  2. Oil and gas cash flow streams offer potential inflation protection
  3. Earn upfront tax deduction, plus tax incentives on future oil and gas income

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