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Our Current Funds

Build a diversified portfolio of energy assets
curated by industry veterans

Customize Your Energy Portfolio
For Your Risk and Return Objectives

  1. Savings

  2. Investment Grade
    Corporate Bonds

  3. Commercial
    Real Estate

  4. Yield Fund
    10-25% IRR Target

  5. S&P

  6. Bitcoin Discovery Fund
    80% IRR Target

  7. Growth

  8. Drilling Fund
    15-100% IRR Target

  9. Venture

  10. Futures

Open Investments

Drilling Fund I

The Drilling Fund I brings a venture capital approach to oil and gas investing. Wildcat prospecting targets higher-risk, unproven oil and gas reserves. These prospects can get overlooked or left behind in promising formations, often because of the intangible risk of development.

Like Venture Capital, the upside from Wildcatting can potentially justify the elevated risks involved. Our team of oil and gas veterans shifts the odds in your favor, by managing these risks and selecting projects with significant upside potential.

  • 3 – 5 Year Targeted Fund Life
  • High Risk Level
  • Targeting project-level IRRs of 15 - 100%

Bitcoin Discovery Fund

The Bitcoin Discovery Fund is built to deliver you Bitcoin, or fractions of a Bitcoin, every month, at a cost basis below the market price. Why pay $50,000 per coin if you can mine them for less than $30,000 per coin? You have the option of accumulating your share of mined Bitcoin, or selling into the market as you receive them.

Our mobile mining approach benefits from cost-advantaged electricity, produced from natural gas sourced directly at the wellhead. This enables higher profit margins, while also providing a stable source of electricity supply, independent of the grid.

  • 3 – 5 Year Targeted Fund Life
  • Moderate Risk Level
  • Targeting 80% IRR

Benefits of Energy Investments

The benefit of energy investing to you is that you get solid returns, potential tax deductions, protection from inflation, and growth in asset classes that are independent of the stock market.

Plus, as an investor, you’ll be able to follow your oil, gas, and Bitcoin investments through our Investor Platform and mobile app, where we post videos, pictures, and production data on all of your energy investments!


Solid Returns

10-25% IRR


Market Independent

An Asset Class For
Today’s Volatile Market


Quick Payout

Target Return of
Capital 3-5 Years


Tax Advantages

Tax Deductions for Passive
and Active Investors

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