Discover the advantage of
private market energy investing


The EnergyFunders Advantage

Tap into the unique risk/return profile available from private market drilling opportunities.

Public Stocks and Bonds

Private Drilling Partnerships

  1. Exposed to financial market volatility
  2. Inflation pressuring most financial assets
  3. Double taxation on dividends and interest payments
  1. Avoid stock market volatility
  2. Oil and gas cash flow streams offer potential inflation protection
  3. Earn upfront tax deductions, plus tax incentives on future oil and gas income

How to Invest

Three Simple Steps to Invest


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profile with us


Safely link your bank
account and invest


Track the progress of your
funds via our platform

Invest Using your IRA

Direct Oil and Gas Investing Using Your Self-Directed IRA or 401k

EnergyFunders can accommodate investments made using your IRA or 401k.

You have two options to get started


Invest with one of the companies listed below for a more
streamlined process


Invest using your custodian of choice by reaching out to our
team directly at

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