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  • Revisiting the 1970s Investing Playbook

    Saudi Arabia and the broader OPEC+ coalition is increasingly moving away from the US sphere of influence and supporting the American political agenda of keeping oil supplies flowing and prices low. Instead, Saudi and other key OPEC members are increasingly forging deeper ties with Russia/China. This includes increasingly moving away from trading oil in the U.S. dollar, hastening the demise of the petrodollar, and ultimately, threatening U.S. supremacy in the global economic and financial system.

  • Here’s How Oil Could Hit $200+

    Vladimir Putin just threw a spark into the powder keg of the global oil market.  The Russian invasion of Ukraine has sent oil prices soaring above $100 per barrel, and without a quick resolution, we could see even more explosive gains ahead. While the geopolitical situation is complex, the market impact distills down to

  • Here’s How Oil Could Hit $100

    Today’s stock market presents a great dilemma for investors. With valuations inflated to near all-time highs, the broader U.S. stock market (i.e. S&P 500) offers low or negative future returns: Meanwhile, with inflation running at 40-year highs, holding cash guarantees a loss in purchasing power. The energy sector offers a lone bright spot of value,

  • The Golden Age of Oil, Gas and Bitcoin Investing 

    A big part of investment success requires being in the right place at the right time.  Today, the prospects for direct oil, gas and Bitcoin investing have never looked better. Long-time followers will recall that we’ve been pounding the table on today’s opportunity for direct oil and gas investors. The basic story here hasn’t changed,

  • How to Buy Bitcoin for $30,000

    What if you could own the best performing asset class of the last decade, at a substantial discount to current prices?  I’m talking about Bitcoin. Specifically, mining Bitcoin with cost-advantaged, clean-burning natural gas. Over the last few months, I (Laura) have been hard at work putting together this opportunity for Yield Fund I investors. The goal:

  • The Generational Opportunity from Today’s New Energy Paradigm

    A new paradigm has gripped the global energy markets… and it’s creating the most attractive investment opportunity of a generation.  In the past, capital chased economic opportunity in the energy markets. We see this reflected in the historical relationship between prices and rig counts. As you would expect, periods of high oil prices would