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Bitcoin Discovery Fund

Being an investor in this fund gives you the opportunity to
accumulate Bitcoin at below-market prices.

  • time
    3-5 Years Fund Life
  • piechart
    Periodic Payments
  • risklevel
    High Risk Level
  • money
    $5,000 Min. Investment

What is the Bitcoin Discovery Fund?

As an investor in this fund, you’ll become a fractional owner of the bitcoin mines operated by EnergyFunders. These mines will regularly discover new bitcoin, which are then distributed periodically to all investors in the Bitcoin Discovery Fund. Investors will accumulate highly sought-after bitcoin at potentially below-market rates.

The Fund utilizes mobile bitcoin mining units located at natural gas wellsites. This natural gas is converted into electricity for powering the bitcoin mine, providing a cost advantage and higher profit margins for investors. Plus, investors will receive periodic payouts (in BTC or USD), potential protection from inflation, and possible tax deductions.

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Benefits of the Bitcoin Discovery Fund



Potential High Returns

Based on our estimates of input costs and mining output, we believe we can achieve IRRs ranging from 20-80%, with further upside from higher Bitcoin prices.


inflation protection

Inflation Protection

Bitcoin’s fixed supply provides a store of value. With inflation recently soaring to 40-year highs, Bitcoin offers a potential hedge against devalued currency. The investment community increasingly views Bitcoin as a version of digital gold.



Periodic Payouts

We aim to issue periodic payouts, while also compounding a portion of retained capital. Choose whether to sell your Bitcoin distributions for cash, or simply accumulate your Bitcoins at below-market rates.



Vertically Integrated Mining Advantage

Because EnergyFunders has ownership in oil and gas wells, we have a unique opportunity to power Bitcoin mines directly at the well site. This access to discounted natural gas that runs the Bitcoin mine provides higher profit margins, as well as great operational control.


Why Invest in Bitcoin Mining?

High Returns

Investing in Bitcoin offers a way to earn potentially high returns while supporting the future of technology.

Industry Gamechanger

Blockchain technology underlying Bitcoin is hailed as a potential gamechanger for many industries, offering new economic activities that were not possible before.

Growing Credibility

Companies and countries around the world continue to accept Bitcoin as a valid currency and payment method, with credibility growing daily.

High Liquidity

Bitcoin is a digital currency with high market demand and excellent liquidity due to worldwide 24/7 trading platforms.


What is Bitcoin Mining?

What is it?

Bitcoin mining is the process by which new Bitcoins are entered into circulation. There is an ultimate fixed total of 21 million Bitcoins available globally.

How is it done?

Mining is performed using hardware that solves extremely complex math problems. If a computer finds a solution to the math problem, it is awarded a block of Bitcoins, which creates instant financial value.

How is it powered?

EnergyFunders runs Bitcoin mines by using natural gas directly from the wellhead at our gas wells. This gas is routed to a generator at the well site which powers the Bitcoin mine, as these mines require massive electrical power.

Why use this method?

This off-grid source of inexpensive electricity insulates EnergyFunders against power outages, higher energy prices, and reliance on the electrical grid.

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