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America First Energy Fund I

A diversified basket of lower-risk oil and gas investments,
designed for consistent periodic payouts.

  • time
    3-5 Years Targeted Fund Life
  • piechart
    Periodic Distributions
  • risklevel
    Lower Risk Level
  • money
    $50,000 Min. Investment

What is the America First Energy Fund I?

EnergyFunders is excited to announce the opening of our America First Energy Fund I to investors. This fund offers qualified individuals the opportunity to invest in a diversified group of oil and gas wells, including both producing wells and new drills. As the Western world shuns oil and gas from Russia—the world’s largest energy exporter—American energy will provide a critical source of alternative supply. EnergyFunders offers investors a chance to address this pressing need, while capitalizing on this new era of “higher for longer” prices.

America First Energy Fund I will balance its investment between two categories of oil and gas wells:

  • Currently producing wells, which represent a lower risk profile with the potential for higher returns if coupled with favorable commodity prices and operator production optimization

  • New drill opportunities in areas with high potential

American First Energy Fund I differs from our previous funds in that the wells and drilling opportunities have been pre-selected, giving investors the opportunity to review the assets before making a commitment.The fund will be investing in existing production and in new wells located in fields that have a well understood structure.

The fund aims to provide investors with immediate cash flow opportunities from the currently producing wells, coupled with the potential for higher returns from the new drill wells. We believe the combination of these assets will provide investors with an attractive risk/reward profile and a superior investment opportunity.

EnergyFunders will also be capping this fund at $20MM dollars, so don’t miss out! Be a part of American energy and invest today!

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Benefits of the America First Energy Fund I


Periodic Distributions

Begin earning returns as soon as cash begins flowing from each project. We target annual yields of 10 - 12%, with upside from capital appreciation along the way.


Expert Project Vetting

Access our team of veteran engineers, geologists and crypto mining experts who pass each project through a three-tiered screening process.


Diversification for
Lower Risk

The America First Energy Fund I invests in a basket of lower-risk proven oil and gas reserves. This helps reduce risk by spreading your investment across multiple projects.


Tax Benefits

Our America First Energy Fund I offers access to potential oil and gas tax deductions.

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