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Yield Fund II

A diversified basket of lower-risk oil and gas investments,
designed for consistent periodic payouts.

  • time
    3-5 Years Targeted Fund Life
  • piechart
    Periodic Distributions
  • risklevel
    Lower Risk Level
  • money
    $5,000 Min. Investment

What is the Yield Fund II?

Yield Fund II follows closely in the footsteps of our flagship fund Yield Fund I. While our initial fund included wellhead bitcoin mining, Yield Fund II will be solely focused on oil and gas assets to take advantage of the strong commodity price environment (relative to bitcoin price).

Yield Fund II will deploy capital into wellbore investment opportunities, which may include drilling or recompleting oil and gas wells along with outright purchases of working interests in wells that are already producing. We plan to invest this capital primarily in prospects planned in areas with proven, economic production while also hedging risk by investing in currently producing wells. We will further limit the concentration risks associated with single well oil and gas prospects by including multiple, diversified assets in this fund.

Producing wells can have a long and stable production profile and provide immediate cash flow. Furthermore, these wells sometimes have untapped behind-pipe potential that has yet to be produced. Proven undeveloped targets are located near existing, economically productive wells. This provides the critical data needed for our team of oil and gas professionals to have confidence in the geology and reservoir characteristics of offset drilling locations.

Take advantage of our team’s extensive oil and gas experience and proven track record by investing in Yield Fund II today!

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Benefits of the Yield Fund II


Periodic Distributions

Begin earning returns as soon as cash begins flowing from each project. We target annual yields of 10 - 12%, with upside from capital appreciation along the way.


Expert Project Vetting

Access our team of veteran engineers, geologists and crypto mining experts who pass each project through a three-tiered screening process.


Diversification for
Lower Risk

The Yield Fund invests in a basket of lower-risk proven oil and gas reserves. This helps reduce risk by spreading your investment across multiple projects.


Tax Benefits

Our Yield Fund offers access to potential oil and gas tax deductions.

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