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Why Do We Get Access to the Best Oil and Gas Investments?

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The Best Oil and Gas Investments Never Leave the City

Oil and gas operators constantly need capital for growth. Each new drilling project requires capital to launch, and since oil is a resource with diminishing returns, you always need to drill a new well.

To rapidly expand and grow, you need to spend capital today for cash flows in the future. However, limitations saddle the traditional ways of raising funds.

  1. Operators can get funding from bank loans but then they’ve taken on debt.
  2. They can go public with their company, but that comes with its own set of requirements – and means that they lose control of their companies.
  3. They can get private equity but then the private equity firm owns the firm and dictates its interests.

Recently, EnergyFunders’ technical team attended the Hart 2019 Energy Capital Conference in Dallas, Texas, where experts confirmed that operators need another source of capital.

The Fourth Dimension of Capital

What if there were another way to raise funds for drilling projects? With the advent of equity crowdfunding, there is. Equity crowdfunding platforms connect potential investors with those who need financing. In oil and gas, this means that operators have the chance to get in front of many potential investors at once. At the same time, investors can review numerous potential oil and gas investment opportunities and see which fit their investing goals.

In a sense, it’s just combining what we do at country clubs – network – with technology. And why do we join country clubs? We want exclusive access to amenities.

That’s what EnergyFunders does. We give exclusive access to oil and gas investment opportunities with top-tier operators. This is essential, because a good deal never leaves town. We’ve seen this in our recent project funding in just five days. When the deals are good, investors want in quickly.

How Do We Get Access to Top-Tier Oil and Gas Investment Opportunities?

  1. We’re in Houston, the energy capital of the US.
  2. We know what kinds of deals we’re looking for and how to reduce participation in bad ones.
  3. We’ve spent years creating connections with some of the best operators in the business – and after they successfully funded on our platform, they told their friends. They can fund in less than 30 days on our platform, without giving up control of their company. It’s a win-win.

It’s a win for our investors too. In the old days you had to personally know an operator to get access to a good deal, and it was easy to get into a bad one if you didn’t know the business inside and out. Now, we do all the vetting of the oil and gas investment opportunities. We check an operator’s track record. We review the legal documents. We explore the financial structure.

We’re giving you access to the best oil and gas investments we review – and all the data – at no cost. You just sign up to get access to deals with top-tier operators.

What’s in It for EnergyFunders?

That’s simple – we own a share in the well, just like you. So if the project succeeds in finding oil, we share in the paychecks.

In 2018, EnergyFunders reviewed more than 100 oil and gas project and funded nine of them. With less than 10% deal acceptance, you can see that we’re picky. That’s because we want to strike oil or gas just as much as you. We’re committed to being investor first,  so we only profit when you do.

What’s in It for You?

Our operators want a partnership. They want to have one point of contact – EnergyFunders – rather than dozens of investors or a firm that will take control.

Investors want access to top-tier drilling investments. They want the data on the investment in an easy-to-use platform. And they want the opportunity to diversify their oil and gas investments and create a strong portfolio.

Our platform gives both operators and investors what they need – and we watch as operators and investors connect and reach their funding and investing goals together.

Create a free account to view the best oil and gas investments in one simple platform today.