Raising Capital?

Why partnering with EnergyFunders is the right move


Oil & Gas Projects

Whether it’s a single well, multi-well project or you are looking for investment into your entire well program, EnergyFunders can assist you in raising your capital needs. We seek projects run by management teams with extensive experience, basin-specific experience and a track record of success.

Project Criteria

  • Conservative to moderate risk projects
  • Production acquisitions with rework & new drill opportunities
  • Entire Well Program Participation
  • Cost Effective Project AFE Estimates

Energy Firms
Needing Long-Term Growth Capital

We take an active management approach with investment, EnergyFunders seeks operators with a track record and clearly-defined plans, but lacking the immediate capital to finance them. We seek operators with extensive experience, basin-specific expertise and a focus on capital preservation while maintaining a track record of creating real value for working interest holders.

Companies We Work With

E&P Firms

We work with the producers.

Oilfield Service Providers

We invest in the companies that provide the means of production.

Energy Technology Firms

We invest in technology firms that service the Energy Industry and those that provide new, efficient, and clean methods of production.

The Value Add We Bring to the Table

Expansive Network of Relationships

EnergyFunders provides a vast network of relationships and connections to our working partners. We provide a full range of expertise services ranging from equipment and services procurement and vendor management to business and capital market expertise.

No Promotion Fees

EnergyFunders is not a promoter or broker dealer, and we certainly are not looking to leave the project after it closes. The initial equity funding is just the beginning of the relationship. EF stays around for the Capital Calls, growth and expansion, equipment financing, expert consultants, better procurement and larger capital partners.

Outsourced of Raising Capital-Investor Relations

Outsourcing of the Investor Relations function enables you to avoid the entire expensive and lengthy process of Raising Capital for yourself.

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