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Oil and Gas Investment Companies

Oil and Gas Investment Company

The EnergyFunders platform disintermediates this flawed investment model, by providing a platform of projects designed to generate cash flow returns from the wellhead directly back to investors. No more competing incentive structures between growth and cash flows – we give you a platform for direct access to oil and gas cash flow returns. We only make money when our projects generate positive cash flow returns for investors.

Connecting Investors with the Wellhead

EnergyFunders is the first of its kind platform to deliver direct access to the cash flow returns at the wellhead of oil and gas projects. No more flawed incentives for third-party capital managers to reinvest cash flow into capital-destructive growth or M&A transactions. Instead, we connect individual investments with the direct economic returns from individual oil and gas projects. We put you in charge of how to allocate your capital, by offering a selection of different projects to choose from based on your risk/return objectives.

Oil and Gas Investment Company

Vetted Projects from Industry Experts

Each project that comes onto our platform gets vetted by our team of industry experts, with decades of experience in curating and managing oil and gas drilling projects. This requires a disciplined approach in sourcing deals, managing land lease agreements, operations and back office legal/accounting considerations. You get access to the critical details needed to select and monitor each investment, and we take care of the rest.

Oil Investment Companies

Our Shared Incentive: Return Cash to Investors

Each project comes with a hurdle rate of return, and cash payout target for investors. Only after clearing this return objective, do we begin participating in the remaining upside along with you. This means our expert team has only one incentive throughout each step of the process: select the highest quality projects, with the best chance of delivering cash payouts to investors.

Oil Investments

Our Process

EnergyFunders is the fourth dimension of capital for the Energy sector. Our company is differentiated by its direct investment approach, deep technical knowledge, active portfolio management and proprietary research and data gathering.

Deal Structure
Initial Screening / Technical Overview
Geologic Risk Assessment
Engineering Risk Assessment
Modelling expected rate of return
Production timing, projected costs, and commodity price forecast
Assessment of time value of money
Background checking
Review for fraud and track record
Confirm expertise and competence
Terms with Partners/ Operators
Land Review (Title, Lease)
Legal Review (Deal docs, PA and JOA)
Monthly revenue, costs and operations
Workover / recompletion proposals
Tax and accounting

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