Why Raise Funds With EnergyFunders?

Energy-Focused Equity Crowdfunding Site

Raising capital is challenging — It requires time, energy and upfront capital. Operators can spend 40-50% of their time raising capital and managing investor relations. With technology, you can reduce your time spent raising capital, improve communications, provide transparency to investors and gain an experienced partner in the paperwork process.

Our Equity Crowdfunding Site Provides

  • Simpler, faster capital raises
  • Access to investors
  • Marketing
  • Investor management

Highlights of EnergyFunders

  • More than $7 million raised for oil and gas projects
  • Over 4,000 members on our platform
  • 100% of projects have been funded to date
  • $225,000 average investment per project
  • Average project closes in 30 days or less