Oil & Gas Investing – Inside look at a Recent Project Closing


Focused on Oil and Gas Investing Online

We often get many questions about the types of projects we fund on our platform. Today, we are focused on direct investments into oil and gas, these are working interest investments, typically in a set of wells or a mineral lease.  We typically avoid deals with just one well. We prefer deals with 2, 3, or more wells in one package, which we did in December.

Tax Advantages & Triple Digit Returns

The two Biggest advantages to Oil and Gas Investing and why the Wealthy have been investing in these projects for decades, are the Tax Benefits (click here to download our Ebook) and the potential double to triple digit returns.  These two things have kept Oil and Gas projects funded since 1986.

Our most recent funding in March was a unique opportunity, and so far it’s looking good as the first well produces oil and two new wells will be drilled in the coming weeks

3 Reasons its unique:

Investors got to see results of the 1st well before they invested

Good offsetting production is a good sign for the next 2 wells

Solid Operator allows for good communication and trust

Another thing we do for investors other than conducting a lot of due diligence is transparent communication.  This video is what we provided investors as the project matured. We will also continue sending updates about the project.  It is an exciting process when things go well.

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