Moonraker Prospect - Middlebrooks #1 exploration well (EF VC17, LP)

Results: Discovered 14′ of oil payStatus: Commercial, producing 100 BOPD


Orbit Energy & Planet Operating


EnergyFunders started the year off with a quick raise on the Moonraker. Moonraker was an opportunity with a short fuse for us to raise the final 5% working interest before the operator began drilling in the next two weeks. EF VC17, LP, successfully raised the funds in 10 days and began drilling in February 2018. Primary target was Tweedel (Frio) and secondary objective was Homeseekers. Tweedel was drilled and was a dry hole, but the Homeseekers formation showed promise. So, the well was sidetracked 2,000′ to target Homeseekers A, B and C. Logs and cores on the Homeseekeers showed oil. The Homeseekers A was completed and tested 200-500 BOPD. The well was shut-in, surface facilities constructed and pipeline placed.


Fundraising finished February 15, 2018. Drilling began February 22, 2018. Daily production began on August 24, 2018. First revenue check distribution expected November 2018.


Producing 100 BOPD | 70 MCFD | 50 BWPD


Moonraker Prospect | EF VC17, LP

  • Planet Operating
    Planet Operating
  • Acadia Parish, LA
    Acadia Parish, LA
  • Orbit Energy
    Orbit Energy
  • Drilled; completed; producing
    Drilled; completed; producing
  • Producing 100 BOPD
    Producing 100 BOPD

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