Woodbrook #2 Project - Forestar Minerals #1 well (EF VC19, LP)

Results: Drilled Q3 2018; found 4 pay sandsStatus: Testing pay sands


Mertz Energy


The Woodbrook #2 is a development new drill well offsetting a very profitable oil producer (Woodbrook #1). The first well in this “re-discovered” field, the Woodbrook #1, was drilled in 2015. Since then it produced over 60,000 barrels of oil. This well was partially drained 50 years earlier when this field was initially discovered, yet is estimated to produce 150,000 barrels of oil (in total) over its life. The Woodbrook #2 is in a better location (allowing for full 360 radial drainage), not partially drained, and even has 2 additional pay zones (red & green sands).


Funding completed June 22, 2018. Drilling began on August 8, 2018. Found 4 pay sands: blue, yellow, red, and green. Perforated and tested blue sand October 1, 2018. Blue sand was 30′ lower than expected and found only a small amount of oil before making water. Moved uphole to yellow sand October 5, 2018.


Production testing


Woodbrook 2 Prospect | EF VC19, LP

  • Mertz Energy
    Mertz Energy
  • Allen Parish, LA
    Allen Parish, LA
  • Mertz Energy
    Mertz Energy
  • Drilled; Completing & testing
    Drilled; Completing & testing
  • Production testing 3rd of 4 sands
    Production testing 3rd of 4 sands

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