Now or Never Prospect - Coyle Concord #1 exploration well (EF VC12, LP)

Results: Discovered 6 Wilcox pay sands Status: Commercial


Hurd Enterprises & SV Energy


The Now or Never is a deep vertical exploration well targeting the Wilcox gas-filled sands between 9,000 and 13,000’. We discovered deep pay sands with gas but they were tight when perforated and flow tested, requiring expensive fracs to test their productivity. The decision was made to complete and produce the Upper Wilcox sands where porosities and permeabilities were higher. The flow tests justified installation of facilities and flowlines.


Funded July 2017. Drilling began August 16, 2017. Oil & gas production began May 2018. First revenue checks paid out August 2018.


Producing 800 MCFD & 10 BOPD


Now or Never Prospect | EF VC12, LP

  • Hurd Enterprises
    Hurd Enterprises
  • Colorado County, TX
    Colorado County, TX
  • SV Energy
    SV Energy
  • Drilled; Producing
    Drilled; Producing
  • Producing 800 MCFD & 10 BOPD
    Producing 800 MCFD & 10 BOPD

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