Sirius Black Prospect - Sample #1 exploration well (EF VC16, LP)

Results: Drilled; Dry and plugged


Hurd Enterprises & Emerald Bay Exploration


The Sirius Black is a project with one exploration well (9,700’) with an upside of one potential additional development well.


Fundraise completed December 24, 2017. Drilling began in March 2018. Successfully drilled to 10,000′ with no shows. Temporarily abandoned the well. Settled up bills and refunding completion capital to investors. Operator negotiated the sale of the wellbore to relieve plugging and reclamation liability.


Commercial exploration was unsuccessful on this lease. The Sample #1 was plugged and investors refunded leftover completion capital.


Sirius Black Prospect | EF VC16, LP

  • Hurd Enterprises
    Hurd Enterprises
  • Jackson County, TX
    Jackson County, TX
  • Emerald Bay Exploration
    Emerald Bay Exploration
  • Drilled; Plugged
    Drilled; Plugged
  • Discovered 60' of wet (water-filled) sands
    Discovered 60' of wet (water-filled) sands

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