Hagler SW Prospect (EF VC8, LP)

Results: Drilled 4 & produced 3 wells || Status: Producing 9 BOPD


Flintrock Resources Management Inc


In 2016, EF VC8, LP funds were raised and participated in the Hagler SW 4 well drilling program on 2 separate leases (1 North Neff well & 3 J.P. & Fern Jones wells). After drilling 1 dry hole well on the North Neff lease, the development continued to the J.P. & Fern Jones lease for the next 3 wells. Flintrock Resources carried most of the working interest in the project and sold a portion of their working interest in order to continue developing the Southwest (SW) lease. In 2017, EnergyFunders raised an additional fund (EF VC11, LP) to participate in the Hagler Sw.

Development continued throughout 2017 and the #2 & #3 wells were completed. Today, the wells produce and yield monthly checks for oil and gas.

J.P. Fern Jones #1 | API: 4208336182 | Drilled 2/2017; Produced  05/2017

J.P. Fern Jones #2 | API: 4208336204 | Drilled 5/2017; Produced 07/2017

J.P. Fern Jones #3 | API: 4208336205 | Drilled 6/2017; Produced 07/2017


Funded March 2017. Drilled Q2 2017. Produced Q3 2017. Investors receive monthly checks for 9 BOPD.


Producing since Q3 2017. Investors receive monthly checks for 9 BOPD.


Hagler SW Prospect | EF VC11, LP

  • Flintrock Resources
    Flintrock Resources
  • Coleman County, TX
    Coleman County, TX
  • Flintrock Resources
    Flintrock Resources
  • Drilled 3 wells
    Drilled 3 wells
  • Producing 9 BOPD
    Producing 9 BOPD

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