Yorktown & Potomac Prospects (EF VC27, LP)

Results: Drilling Q2 2019 & Q4 2019 | Status: Funded

Yorktown Details

Operator: LLOX || Originator: Houston Energy

Potomac Details

Operator: Houston Energy || Originator: Houston Energy


LL&E #1 (Yorktown) | API: 17075245840000 | Serial: 251639

Potomac Wellname TBD #1 | API: TBD

The “Houston Energy 2-Well Program” is a project to drill and test 2 exploration wells in Plaquemines Parish, LA representing massive reserve potential. Yorktown (spud: Q2 2019) will be drilled to 17,000’ and is up-dip to the X-1 well that produced 3 million BO. Potomac (spud: Q1 2020) will drill to 20,000’ and tests a 500-acre seismic anomaly that is closed on all 4 sides.

Yorktown: Drilling permit approved: 3/28/2019; Drilling: Q4 2019

Potomac: Drilling December 2019


Funding opened: 3/11/2019; Fundraise complete: 3/23/2019; Drilling Q2 2019.




Yorktown & Potomac Projects | EF VC27, LP

  • LLOX
  • Plaquemines Parish, LA
    Plaquemines Parish, LA
  • Houston Energy
    Houston Energy
  • Funded; Drilling Q2 2019 & Q4 2019
    Funded; Drilling Q2 2019 & Q4 2019

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