East Anahuac Prospect (EF VC26, LP)

Results: Drilling Q2 2019 | Status: Funded


CICO Oil & Gas


Wellname TBD #1 | API: TBD | Drilling Q2 2019

The East Anahuac project is 1 exploration well to test our 1,260 acre position in the Frio (F-10) sands, which possibly proves up 7 additional wells in both the F-10 and F-12 formations. The first well will be drilled to ~9,400′ (non-pipe test) and is up-dip to oil and gas production with 30′ of gross sand.


Funding opened: 2/21/2019; Fundraise complete: 3/13/2019; Drilling Q2 2019




East Anahuac Project | EF VC26, LP

  • CICO Oil and Gas
    CICO Oil and Gas
  • Chambers County, TX
    Chambers County, TX
  • CICO Oil and Gas
    CICO Oil and Gas
  • Funded; Drilling Q2 2019
    Funded; Drilling Q2 2019

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