St. Dennis Prospect (EF VC24, LP)

Results: Drilling Q2 2019 | Status: Funded


Planet Operating, LLC


Wellname TBD #1 | API: TBD | Drilling Q2 2019

South Bayou Mallet Field surrounding and adjacent to the prospect is oil productive in the numerous Frio reservoirs. The primary objective of the prospect is Homeseekers, which is oil-productive in the adjacent fault blocks to the north of the prospect. The St. Dennis Prospect will test a stratigraphic amplitude trap for a thick distributary bar sand down thrown on a down to the south fault south of major oil accumulations in South Bayou Mallet and Bayou Mallet Fields.


Drilling Q2 2019




St. Dennis Project | EF VC24, LP

  • Planet Operating
    Planet Operating
  • Acadia Parish, LA
    Acadia Parish, LA
  • Orbit Energy Inc
    Orbit Energy Inc
  • Funded; Drilling Q2 2019
    Funded; Drilling Q2 2019

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