LeVerte Prospect (EF VC23, LP)

Results: Drilling August 2019 | Status: Funded


Forza Operating


Wellname TBD #1 | API: TBD | Drilling August 2019

LeVerte Field is located in Jasper County of East Texas seven miles north of Buna. The field was delineated by 8 vertical wells that have produced the Wilcox I & II sands and have defined substantial reserves which remain from the proven undeveloped area on structure. These sands have produced 11,500,000 barrels of oil in the project area mainly from vertical wells in Champions (2.76 MMBO, 2.9 BCFG), LeVerte Switch (1.92 MMBO, 3.8 BCFG), SE Call (742 MBO, .301 BCFG), Buna (5.8 MMBO, 49.2 BCFG) and LeVerte (.51 MMBO, .549 BCFG) Fields.






LeVerte Project | EF VC23, LP

  • Forza Operating
    Forza Operating
  • Jasper County, TX
    Jasper County, TX
  • Forza Operating
    Forza Operating
  • Funded; Drilling Summer 2019
    Funded; Drilling Summer 2019

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