Wolf Creek Prospect | EF VC22, LP

Results: Confidential Status: Drilling complete; Production pending

Wolf Creek (Savoy #1) Project Overview

The Wolf Creek Prospect is a proposed single directional new drill well that will test an AVO (seismic) anomaly in the Frio-Guillory sands. Multiple Frio objectives are possible, but the main objective is the Guillory sand prolific in the Savoy field, targeted down to a total depth of approximately 9,100’ Proposed Total Depth (PTD). The Savoy Field historically produced 4 million barrels of oil (MMBO) and 2 billion cubic feet of gas (BCFG).

The project began drilling September 24, 2018, and reached total depth in October. Production testing and completion began shortly after. Production expected to begin July 2019.


Funded the project in August 2018. Drilling finished October 2018. Results = confidential.


Development continues. Production confidential.


Wolf Creek Prospect | EF VC22, LP

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    Production results pending

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