Theall Prospect - Bradley #1 (EF VC14, LP)

Results: Drilled & producing || Status: Producing 8,500 MCFD & 70 BOPD


Forza Operating


Bradley #1 | API: 1711322240 | Drilled Q3 2018; Producing Q4 2018

Houston Energy acquired leases (~220 acres) in 2017 and spent the next 12 months creating a commissioner’s unit for the Theall well. The prospect is a down-thrown 3-way closure to test the Siph D sand through the Planulina 3 sand intervals. The structure produced 47.3 BCF and 386 MBC above and 70 BCF 716 MBC below the main objective. The Plan 1 is the main objective with an excellent AVO/Amplitude up-dip to wells with log shows and excellent down-dip sands. The Siph D sand is the first objective we will be drilling through, we will be 10’-15’ high to the down-dip well. In the Plan 2 and Plan 3 sands we will be 100’ up-dip to wells with logged pay and productive sands.

After drilling the formation, we found the Planulina #1 sands and the other zones were shaled out (which coincides with seismic). The Bradley #1 exceeded expected initial production (IP) rates and continues to impress with its pressure maintenance. It is expected to be our best project to date with many multiple of return for EF investors.


Funded 9/2017. Drilled Q3 2018. Producing Q4 2018. First checks expected to investors December 2018.


Producing 8,500 MCFD & 70 BOPD.


Theall Prospect | EF VC14, LP

  • Forza Operating
    Forza Operating
  • Vermilion Parish, LA
    Vermilion Parish, LA
  • Houston Energy
    Houston Energy
  • Drilled well; big discovery
    Drilled well; big discovery
  • Producing 8,500 MCFD & 70 BOPD
    Producing 8,500 MCFD & 70 BOPD

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