Morrison-Davis Prospect (EF VC10, LP)

Results: Drilled 2 & producing 1 | Status: Producing 5 BOPD


Royal Texan Resources Co.


Morrison #1 | API: 4225335022 | Reentered Q2 2017; Dry hole; Plugged

Bonnie Davis #1 | API: 4225335492 | Drilled 4/2017; Produced mostly water; Found cheap water disposal; Well producing

Morrison #1: Previously owned by Cholla Petroleum. The Morrison #1 was completed in 2009 in the Swatiska Sandstone with an open hole completion at a depth of 3513’.

The Morrison #1 produced 12,632 Barrels of Oil (BO) from 2009-2013 and was plugged in April of 2013.  Initial production tests show 60 Barrels of Oil Per Day (BOPD) in the Swatiska Sandstone with no treatments or artificial stimulation.  When the production slowed, Cholla Petroleum made the decision to plug the well, most likely because of the overhead costs associated with their large company on this small well.

Q1 2017 we reentered the well and completed the Gunsight. Based on logs and tests, it must’ve been produced but not publicly documented. So, Royal Texan Resources reentered and tested a zone that was drained. Subsequently, the well was plugged and abandoned.

Bonnie Davis #1

Drilled and cased to 1,990′. The goal is to produce from Flippen Limestone. Decided to drill an additional 1,200′ to 3,200′ and found three additional pay zones deeper than Flippen Lime. The presence of the Pennsylvania Reef was a surprise. It is a localized reef and tough to find with seismic.


Funded March 2017. Executed in Q1 & Q2 2017. Struggling to produce Bonnie Davis #1 due to water production. Short-term fix in place to allow production. Produces minimally (3 BOPD).


Producing small quantities (3 BOPD)


Morrison-Davis Prospect | EF VC10, LP

  • Royal Texan Resources
    Royal Texan Resources
  • Jones County, TX
    Jones County, TX
  • Royal Texan Resources
    Royal Texan Resources
  • Drilled 2 wells
    Drilled 2 wells
  • Producing 1 @ 3 BOPD
    Producing 1 @ 3 BOPD

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