We’ve Launched a Calculator for Tax-Deductible Investments

May 29, 2019

See Your Oil and Gas Tax-Deductible Investments in Action

A yearly benefit of oil and gas investing is the large tax incentives. We've created a tax calculator to help you estimate the potential tax deductions of your investment. You can select your estimated capital investment amount, tax rate and other factors that can influence your tax benefits. 

tax calculator image for tax-deductible investments

Tax-Efficient Investing Example

For example, if you invest $15,000 in oil and gas and have a tax rate of 40%, your oil and gas tax deductions could total $6,000. This means that in addition to the returns you receive from your investment, you also reap large financial benefits from the tax deductions. 

While you should always conduct due diligence before investing, this tool can help you estimate potential benefits for tax-efficient investing. Remember that you can take tax deductions throughout the life of the well for drilling costs and depletion.

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You can also find all the data we review on our oil and gas tax-deductible investments on our platform. There, you can evaluate the financial structure, geological data and legal information to see which investments meet your goals. Then, you can invest in multiple projects to diversify your portfolio and create a strategy for success in oil and gas investing.

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