EnergyFunders Doubles Project Success Rate

August 2, 2018

Our Careful Vetting Process and Strategy Pays Off

In 2017, EnergyFunders attracted two new full-time employees experienced in reservoir engineering. This is a critical role in the oil and gas investing evaluation process, which requires a specialized skill set. This enhanced EnergyFunders’ due diligence process, which focuses solely on select operators with proven track records and expertise.

140% Increase in Success Rate

This highly vetted process of selecting investments resulted in an 80% success rate for 2017, which is more than 140% greater than that of 2016 (33%).

EnergyFunders also identified that conventional exploration teams were overlooked by private equity, especially projects under $5 million. Years ago, when oil was north of $100, it was difficult to get access to these projects.

New Oil and Gas Investing Strategy

The team in 2017 shifted its strategy from funding small operators during the downturn to providing capital to top-level independent companies. The power lies in allowing investors to make smaller investments over more projects throughout the year, which allows project diversification.

“I am proud of the team. The results on these oil and gas projects confirm years of refining our diligence process and continue to build trust in our platforms,” said Casey Minshew, co-founder and CEO of EnergyFunders.

EnergyFunders has set out to democratize oil and gas investing to make energy more sustainable. By offering benefits in speed, access and efficiency compared to traditional transactions, the company aims to become a leading way to finance and invest in oil investing projects.