EnergyFunders Closes First Natural Gas Drilling Project Funded by Online Equity Crowdfunding

July 18, 2018

EnergyFunders is pleased to announce the achievement of a historic milestone: the first-ever natural gas drilling project to fundraise successfully through equity crowdfunding.

A limited partnership invested in a portion of a potential three-well natural gas drilling package with investors choosing to be limited partners or converting general partners (converting after tax benefits accrue).

Natural Gas Investing Project Details

The well is scheduled to be drilled this summer in south Texas. Based on results, two more offset wells will be drilled. Notably, the well-regarded energy company and operator involved in the project each have substantial yearly revenues of approximately $100 million.

“This is historic and marks a continuation of the shift in crude oil and natural gas investing from traditional, slow fundraising and borrowing to quick, online fundraising,” says Philip Racusin, EnergyFunders advisor.

“Investors obtain direct access to crude oil and natural gas investments and the ability to invest nearly any amount in each project. The completion of this project marks the culmination of over three years of efforts and continual improvement at EnergyFunders — now all of us have opportunities to work with the best operators and energy companies in the country.”

Changing Oil and Natural Gas Investing via Crowdfunding

EnergyFunders, which made history by closing the first ever crowdfunded oil well development in July 2014, leads the market in online equity crowdfunding for oil and gas.

“We are rapidly changing the way capital is raised for projects requiring under $10 million,” said Casey Minshew, co-founder and CEO of EnergyFunders.