How EnergyFunders Cuts Out the Middleman in Oil Investing

October 5, 2018

Direct investment in oil and gas development offers incredible tax benefits and can provide a high rate of return and long-term cash flow. However, there is risk, and because direct investment has been reserved for the wealthy, many people never consider direct investment in oil and gas in their portfolios.

Until now.

EnergyFunders provides investor access to direct investment in the energy sector, currently focusing on oil and gas drilling opportunities. That’s because these projects are exciting, they can generate exceptional returns, and the IRS allows investors to write off 80 to 90% of the investment against active income, even if they are passive investors.

With all these benefits, why isn’t everyone doing this?

The challenge for most investors is a lack of understanding. Petroleum exploration is abstract and complex. There exists a reputation for "snake oil" salesman and tons of middlemen taking a cut of the deal, plus lack of communication and transparency during the drilling, completion and payout.

This is where EnergyFunders' communication, risk assessment and transparency come into play.

As new investment platforms and laws change the way people invest, platforms have a responsibility to cut out the middlemen, provide education and allow smaller investments in more projects. This is precisely what EnergyFunders does.

EnergyFunders is a financial technology platform innovating one of the largest and most important industries in the world. Consider investing today, and reap the tax benefits and ROI potential of direct oil investing.

EnergyFunders highlights:

  • $7M+ raised for oil and gas projects to date.
  • $225,000 is the average investment per project to date.
  • Strong social media presence with 22.9K Twitter followers and 14.5K Facebook followers.
  • EnergyFunders has been featured in Forbes, Barron’s, CNBC and the Huffington Post, among others.