EnergyFunders Marketplace Recorded Webinar


This webinar drives home how Regulation Crowdfunding in the Energy sector will bring about the most ambitious opportunities and prestigious companies to invest in.

The Energy Sector is vast and brings about opportunities to fund projects that will impact our world in a very meaningful and powerful way.

EnergyFunders, we invest in People, Ideas, and Production – and Energy is the most important conversation of our time.

If you are looking to invest, sign up today for our pre-launch and if you are an entrepreneur looking for a way to raise capital from accredited and non-accredited investors reach out to us at

What types of Companies are a Good fit in the Market place

Oil field service, Oil field technology, Oil and Gas parts, Innovations in tooling, drilling, bits. A refinery, Electricity, Renewable, Clean Tech, Solar, Wind, Water (all major elements). Recycling of energy, anything in the energy sector with the intent to return capital to investors.

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