Our Platform

A Simple Online Portal

A Simple Online Portal

An accredited oil and gas investor can access multiple investments in one easy portal. Our platform allows smaller buy-ins in projects at various stages of drilling so you can diversify your portfolio in one place.

Vetted Investments

We only partner with expert operators with proven track records. We carefully vet each potential oil investing project and present only the best to our members.

Transparent Process

We give you all the information about the project, including third-party engineering reviews, disclosures and projected rates of return. We also provide information about tax benefits, risks and rewards so you can be an informed investor.

Become an Oil and Gas Investor

We offer:

  • Easy-to-use online investment platform
  • Smaller buy-ins
  • Tax benefits for oil and gas investors
  • Thoroughly vetted oil and gas investments
  • Transparent project selection process
  • Opportunities to invest in oil wells at multiple stages of development


Our Vetting and Due Diligence Process for Oil and Gas Investments

Identifying top-tier oil and gas investments with the highest chances of success takes a skilled team of EnergyFunders experts with backgrounds in geoscience, law, finance, and oil and gas. Our process for vetting operators and projects includes analyzing above and below-ground data.

1. First, we ask questions to identify top-tier operators with proven records. Then we check that they lead a team with the expertise in engineering and business needed to keep the project on track.

2. We examine leases and drilling rights. Founded by lawyers, EnergyFunders understands the necessity of scrutinizing legal documentation.

3. As technology advances, we have more information than ever about what lies beneath the surface. We pore over the historic and geological data of potential drilling fields and conduct third-party engineering reviews.

4. Oil and gas deals can be complex. We evaluate the structure of the proposal to make sure that percentages are fair and that operators are financially motivated to succeed, just as investors are.

What You Should Know About Natural Gas and Oil Investing

Investing When Oil Prices Are High or Low

Market fluctuations affect the price of crude oil, which in turn can influence an oil and gas investor’s strategy. We believe all investors should diversify their portfolios and evaluate possible high, low and mid-case production scenarios. Explore oil investing must-knows when the price of oil spikes or drops and how you can create a strategy to succeed either way.

Why Oil and Gas Professionals Love Oil Investing

We talked with oil and gas professionals about why they prefer to invest directly in oil wells, rather than oil and gas stocks. The short answer? They love data, transparency and control over their investments. Read how oil and gas pros like to invest.