For Oil and Gas Investors

EnergyFunders makes it easy to diversify your portfolio with smaller buy-ins in vetted projects with proven operators.

Why Invest in Oil and Gas?

Oil and gas investments provide unique tax benefits not found in other industries. Plus, opportunities come with the potential of high ROI and long investment life.

Oil Industry Tax Breaks

You can receive major tax deductions your first year of investing, plus more in subsequent years.

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Our Platform

A simple online platform that allows smaller buy-ins in projects at various stages of drilling.

Oil Investing Platform

Risks and Disclosures

We believe you should have all the information about your investments so you can choose options that are right for you.

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EnergyFunders was the world’s first oil and gas crowdfunding website, founded in 2013. Since then, competitors have entered the equity crowdfunding space.

07 Aug 2018