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How Does Direct Energy
Investing Work?

Earn Passive Income

Low-Risk Projects Designed for Consistent Monthly Income

Access a diversified portfolio of development projects and wells already on-production, all focused on low-risk proven reserves. We aim to generate annual yields of 10-12%, with upside from capital appreciation along the way.

Vetted By Experts

We Bring The Best Deals In Energy To You

We offer the first-of-its-kind platform to deliver direct access cash flow returns from oil and gas projects. Each project passes through a three-stage vetting process, screened by our expert team of geologists and engineers.

Our team of seasoned energy professionals bring you the best private deals targeting above-market returns, without excessive risk.

A direct investment in oil and gas assets, made possible through EnergyFunders, has created an effective means to diversify our portfolio. Having their team in place to help qualify and vet small/mid-sized O&G operators truly helped streamline the due diligence process.

Brian G., Long-time Investor

Benefits of Investing in our Yield Fund I

Get access to exclusive, private-market energy deals sourced and vetted by industry experts. Our geologists and engineers perform ground-level due diligence, personally visiting each project site. We partner with proven, trusted operators that have a long track record of delivering results through safe, sustainable operations.

Sourced from our networks, we bring you the deals you won’t find anywhere else. The bottom line: high returns, without taking excessive risk.

  1. Earn Monthly Income + Capital Appreciation

    Attractive Returns

    EnergyFunders projects are designed for generating high returns, without taking excessive risk. This includes both development wells (PUDs) and already-producing wells (PDPs). Plus, we have partnered with crypto-mining experts to create mobile Bitcoin mining units. These mobile units convert wellhead natural gas into Bitcoins at the wellsite, for efficient and cost-advantage mining.

    • Targeting 30 - 100% project-level IRRs
    • Committed to paying monthly distributions, while also reinvesting
    • Target 10 - 12% yields, plus growth in your principal investment
  2. A high-yielding investment with inflation-protection

    Inflation Protection

    The energy sector has historically offered one of the best hedges against inflation. That remains true today. With inflation running at the highest levels in over a decade, energy has outperformed so far in 2021. Meanwhile, the global investment community increasingly views Bitcoin as a stable money alternative to government-issued currency. Thus, both energy and Bitcoin could offer investors protection against further inflationary pressures.

    • Inflation protection through ownership of energy and Bitcoin
    • Energy deals structured to provide steady returns + upside from higher prices
    • Bitcoin mining provides access to Bitcoin at $10,000 break-even prices
  3. Begin Earning Passive Income Within 3-6 Months

    Quick Payout

    EnergyFunders investments are built for returning capital to investors. Most projects target initial cash flows within three months of deploying capital. For Yield Fund investors, we distribute 10% of net income while retaining the remaining 90% during the reinvestment phase of the Fund life. At the end of the Fund life, we liquidate the remaining assets and distribute all proceeds back to investors (net of expenses).

    • Earn your first distributions within 6 months of capital deployment
    • Targeting full return of principal investment by end of year 3
    • Total Fund life between 3 - 5 years
  4. Earn Lucrative Deductions Against Regular Income

    Tax Advantaged

    Investors have the option to participate in our Funds in ways that can potentially offset either active or passive income.

    • Investors may be able to deduct up to 80% of their investments against active income (i.e. wages/salary) by electing to assume liability as if they were a general partner (potentially unlimited liability)
    • Investors assuming only limited liability can earn the same deductions, but only against passive income (i.e. dividends, rental income)


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