How to Invest in Oil and Gas Well Drilling Projects

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You are here because you are looking for information on How to Invest in Oil and Gas — Investing directly in the oil and gas well used to be a really clunky, burdensome process. Lots of people have historically just given up and invested in oil and gas companies on the stock market.

But, when you simply invest in companies on the stock market, your revenue – if there ever is any – is realized after companies CEO’s are paid, after an army of corporate bureaucrats are paid, and after a swanky corporate office rent is paid, after corporate retreats, after… well, you get the idea.

— The only revenue generation of a publicly traded oil and gas company is the assets of the companies.
— The wells is where the money is.
— Everything else is an expense.

Investing in the well.

— It used to be you had to listen to a hundred different pitches.
— Perform due diligence on a hundred different projects.
— To really perform due diligence, you had to get feedback from your network of oil and gas lawyers, geologists, and engineers.

Oh, you don’t have that network?

Well, you first have to build one before getting serious about investing in the well. It’s absolutely critical to be aligned with a like-minded group of professionals before jumping into oil and gas investing.

If you’re reading this, you already know you need to be diversifying, diversifying and diversifying in transparent deals that you can understand.

Given the enormous work just to vet one project, it’s clear you can’t be going it alone in the world of oil and gas investing and expect to properly diversify into good projects with transparent and fair deal structures.

That’s where EnergyFunders enters the picture.

— With EnergyFunders, you have a dedicated platform and you benefit from a network of professionals who only win on a deal when it is producing oil and gas out of the ground.
— The EnergyFunders platform is a revolutionary new method of disrupting a traditionally opaque and difficult industry with unprecedented levels of transparency.

The process is simple:

  1. Sign-up.
  2. Answer a few questions so we can determine if you are eligible to invest.
  3. View the projects that are open for investment.
  4. Examine project materials that offer unprecedented transparency.
  5. Select the investment you want.
  6. Select the amount you wish to invest.
  7. Sign documents electronically.
  8. Pay, using E-check, Bitcoin, wire transfer or mailing a check.

It has never been easier to invest in transparent, vetted oil and gas projects with a fair deal structure.

— But, that’s not the end of the story.
— We don’t recommend anyone invest if they aren’t doing their homework.
— That means you need to pick your investing budget for the year so that you can diversify across the many projects that will be offered on the site.
— You need to be disciplined to not invest your entire budget in the first project.
— We want our investors to win.
— We can’t—and don’t—guarantee projects will be successful.
— That means you need to do your own homework and maintain the discipline needed to properly diversify and build your portfolio the correct way.
— You also need to be an active, involved investor.
— Read the materials available to you on each project before investing.
— Educate yourself in the blog posts.
— Educate yourself the educational emails you’ll receive from us and anyone else you trust.
— Participate in the webinars.
— Investing in oil and gas has never been easier.
— That’s good.
— It will free up the time for you to expand your knowledge base and dig down deeper into each project more than you ever have.