Getting your money directly into a natural gas well used to be difficult, time consuming process.

Rather than spend hours upon hours vetting individual natural gas projects to properly diversify, many people have historically just gone the easy route of investing in publicly traded companies.

But, that’s a great way to see your natural gas dollars get eaten up by corporate overhead and company bureaucracies when it could be spent drilling or re-working additional wells to get that natural gas flowing into your bank account.

Get. Into. The. Well.

Before EnergyFunders, you had to listen to a million pitches.

You had to perform due diligence on dozens of projects.

You had to have an existing network of oil and gas lawyers, engineers and geologists.

If you don’t have that network, you have to build one to get truly impartial advice that you can trust.

If you’ve made it this far, you know the importance of diversifying, diversifying and then adding additional diversification.

The burden just to vet one project is too high for an individual investor.

You need to be doing technical vetting and vetting the deal structure.

That requires a multi-disciplinary team of experts.

This is where EnergyFunders provides its value.

With the team at EnergyFunders, you have a dedicated group of experts providing due diligence from every angle and presenting you with a transparent, easy to understand deal.  The EnergyFunders team only makes it money with you when natural gas is flowing from the pipeline into your bank account.

EnergyFunders is a revolutionary new platform to disrupt and industry with unprecedented transparency.

Where there was once a brick wall, we strive to replace it with a glass door.

And we’re giving you the key.

How it works is easy:

  1. How to Invest in Natural Gas  Set up your account.
  2. How to Invest in Natural Gas  Tell us a few things about yourself to help us determine if you are eligible to invest.
  3. How to Invest in Natural Gas  Take a look at the natural gas projects open for investing.
  4. How to Invest in Natural Gas  Dig deeper, examining the project specifics.
  5. How to Invest in Natural Gas  Make your pick.
  6. How to Invest in Natural Gas  Choose your investment amount.
  7. How to Invest in Natural Gas  Electronically sign documents.
  8. How to Invest in Natural Gas  Pay with e-check, wire, bitcoin or just mail a check.

Investing directly in transparent, vetted natural gas projects has never been easier.  You can now really diversify and protect your interests.

But, you shouldn’t let that be an excuse to get complacent.

You need to use the extra time to dig deeper than you ever have in any investment.

Become an expert in your natural gas portion of your portfolio.

With the unprecedented level of information now at your fingertips, you have the ability to know more about your investment than investors ever have.

Previously opaque industries like oil and natural gas are becoming transparent and more easily navigable.

That means it’s easier than ever for an informed, diligent investor to extract value that was impossible to access even five years ago.

We don’t guarantee success.

But, you can maximize your potential for success in natural gas investing and every other investment category by utilizing this unprecedented sharing of information that’s available in the crowdfunding age.

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