The best approaches and practices on how to invest in oil

There are many methods exist when it comes to how to invest in oil energy investments. One of the conventional oil investments involved oil exploration, where investors can lease or buy land that could potentially drilled for oil deposits.

  • We just discussed how the best place to invest in oil is directly in the well.
  • Putting your investment dollars directly into the oil well used to be a difficult process.
  • Historically, many investors have simply given up and made their oil investments on the stock market by investing in publicly traded oil companies.
  • However, investing your whole crude oil budget in the stock market forces you to pay for an army of corporate lawyers, accountants, corporate bureaucrats and, frankly a lot of people that you shouldn’t be paying.
  • Why let your investment get diluted because the CEO’s nephew needs a six figure job?
  • Crude generated at the oil well is the only revenue producing source of an oil company focused on oil and gas exploration and production.
  • The well is the revenue source.
  • So, that’s where you should go.

Get into the oil well.

  • Listening to investor presentations used to be a full time job if you wanted to go direction to the oil well.
  • Then you had to work due diligence until you were blue in the face, just to get a chance to get revenue from crude oil sales undiluted by corporate expense sheets.
  • For the best due diligence, you had to tap your network of oil and gas deal-makers and technical experts.
  • If you didn’t have that network, you had to invest years into building one that truly had your back.
  • Those are some serious barriers to entry.

You already know that diversifying is the key to maximizing exposure to strong projects and reducing risk.

  • Seeing how difficult it is just to invest responsibly in one project targeting crude oil production, actually realizing a solid diversification strategy is beyond a full time job for the individual investor.
  • Enter EnergyFunders.
  • With the team of professionals at EnergyFunders, you benefit from a built in network of some of the best professionals in the industry who only win when the oil wells are pumping crude, crude that you’re being paid on.
  • EnergyFunders is a revolutionary new method of shining light into a previous difficult industry, making deal-making easier than it ever has been, and allowing investors to get into oil projects that they’ve previously been shut out of.

Here’s how our process works:

  • Create a profile.
  • Follow the instructions and let us get to know each other.
  • Review oil projects.
  • Examine the fully transparent projects available for investing.
  • Make your choice.
  • Pick the amount you want to invest.
  • Electronically sign.
  • Pay electronically or the old fashioned way.

Investing in transparent and vetted oil projects that are structured fairly has never been easier. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work..

  • Rather, the saved time made possible by the giant leaps in efficiency generated by the EnergyFunders platform should be used to make informed, intelligent investments.
  • We strongly encourage everyone to do their homework.
  • Budget your money wisely and determine what percentage of your portfolio should be invested in oil and gas, targeting crude production.
  • Discipline is essential.
  • We want our to help our investors pick a winning strategy, which means diversification.
  • No project targeting crude oil comes with guarantees of success.
  • We encourage you to do your own homework and exhibit the discipline necessary to structure your portfolio the right way.
  • You need to be active and involved.
  • Read the disclosure memoranda for each project prior to participating.
  • Read the blog posts, view the webinars, read our e-book.
  • Participating in oil drilling projects targeting crude production has never been easier.
  • The process has been streamlined.
  • Now, you can expand your knowledge base and have a greater understanding and command of your portfolio than you ever have.

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