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EnergyFunders partners are a private group of established operators and oilfinders with a proven, verifiable track record of success. Not only do we vet our Operators... In fact, they vet us. Our Partners have solid reputations in the Oil & Gas industry and have many choices when it comes to looking for investment partners. Operators are all basin specific, and have years of experience exploring and developing fields.

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Past Projects

Flintrock Resources

Flintrock Resources Management, Inc.’s (“Flintrock”) strategy is to invest funds for purchasing producing properties that have additional exploitation and expansion of development.
Coleman County, TX Location
$368,500 Total Project Raise

SV Energy

SV Energy is a privately held independent E&P company headquartered in Corpus Christi, TX that specializes in exploring South Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast.
Colorado County, TX Location
$260,500 Total Project Raise

Houston Energy

Houston Energy, L.P. (HE) is a privately held independent oil and gas company exploring the Offshore Gulf of Mexico, South Louisiana, and Texas Gulf Coast.
Vermillion Parish, LA Location
$243,500 Total Project Raise
$5+ Million Total Raised Online
$400,000 Average Raise
16+ Projects Projects Funded


Jarrod M.
"It is the future of raising capital for our industry-- bringing in new investors to an area they wouldn’t normally have access to."
John N.
"They are transparent, proactive, available, and innovative. The platform is easy to use. Investors are looking for alternatives. This site does that."
Gerry N.
"The EnergyFunders team is accessible and approachable. They allow each investor to determine where to allocate their investment dollars."
Steven S.
"The EnergyFunders team is direct, honest, and open. Successes and failures are communicated in the same way, which I appreciate. Their platform and investments are transparent, unlike anything in this industry."
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  • "It is the future of raising capital for our industry—bringing in new investors to an area they wouldn’t normally have access to."—Exploration Geologist Explains New Ways to Invest In Overlooked Conventional Drilling Programs
  • EnergyFunders is able to facilitate stronger returns in a shorter amount of time by allowing members to invest directly into the wells themselves and bypass the corporate structures which often hinder investor profit margins on oil and gas deals. - Crowdfund Insider– EnergyFunders Rolls Out One Of The Largest Platforms To Crowdfund US Oil And Gas Projects
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