Invest in America First Energy Fund I before year end to take advantage of potential tax deductions

Drilling Fund

Support American energy production, protect your portfolio from inflation,
and potentially enjoy some of the best deductions in the US tax code.

  • time
    3-5 Years Fund Life
  • piechart
    Periodic Payments
  • risklevel
    Moderate Risk Level
  • money
    $5,000 Min. Investment

What is the Drilling Fund?

The Drilling Fund provides you the opportunity to directly fund new oil and gas wells.

Tap into the compelling potential returns available from private market oil and gas drilling deals. Plus, get access to some of the most favorable deductions in the entire U.S. tax code. This includes the opportunity for an upfront reduction on your current year tax bill, just for making the investment (read more about potential tax benefits here).

We aim to limit the risk associated with any single well by investing across a diversified collection of wells.

The majority of Fund capital will go towards developing proven reserves. These drilling targets are located near existing productive wells. This provides the critical data needed for our team of oil and gas professionals to analyze the geology and reservoir characteristics of offset drilling locations.

The Fund will also allocate capital towards the development of unproven reserves, also known as “wildcat” wells. These higher-risk drilling locations can offer some of the best returns you'll find in the oil patch. We will opportunistically invest in wildcat prospects where we believe the potential upside justifies the added risk involved.

In each case, whether we're developing proven or unproven reserves, we believe the EnergyFunders advantage comes from our people. Our team of veteran geologists and engineers have decades of experience drilling successful oil and gas wells.

[You can read more about our successful investments to date in the Yield Fund I here.]

You'll also become a direct contributor towards American energy security, by supporting domestic oil and gas production.

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Benefits of the Drilling Fund



Access Private Market Drilling Economics

Tap into the economics of private market oil and gas development. By directly funding individual oil and gas wells through the Drilling Fund, you can enjoy a unique risk/return profile that you won't find in the public markets.



Potentially Reduce Your Tax Bill *

Funding direct oil and gas drilling can unlock deductions against your regular income. In addition, you could potentially enjoy favorable tax treatment on the income you earn from your oil and gas investments. (Learn more about the tax benefits here.)



Hedge Against Inflation

Successful drilling projects can give you access to income streams tied to oil and gas prices. This has the potential to provide a source of inflation protection, as oil and gas have historically appreciated during inflationary periods.



Avoid Stock Market Volatility

Unlike owning public energy companies, private market drilling partnerships can provide an investment that avoids the volatility associated with the broader stock market. A falling stock market won't stop the oil and gas from flowing in your successful drilling projects.

* Please note that to access potential deductions against regular active income, each investor in this fund agrees to accept personal liability for a portion of the Fund's liabilities as if such investor were a general partner of a general partnership with respect to such portion. Please also note that any information herein should not be considered tax advice. We are not licensed tax professionals. Every investor's tax situation is different, and you should speak with a tax professional for how potential tax deductions may or may not apply to your personal situation.

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