As you probably know, not all oil and gas investments are created equal. Or they don't provide enough data and information to make a truly informed investment decision. As a potential investor in past projects, we didn't like having partial or incomplete information. It made us feel like we were buying a “pig in a poke,” and weren't sure of it's true market value—or if it was a wise investment.

That's why we made this a non-negotiable requirement for our business model: Before any project is accepted on the EnergyFunders platform, our research team does extensive due diligence.

Why does our company go the extra mile vetting every project?

Because we're an investment partner in every project we approve. And we only get paid when it turns a profit.

The return you receive on any investment is determined by the quality of information you have—and if you act on it soon enough. That's why we provide every bit of relevant data possible, so you make a fully-informed investment decision that you're comfortable with.

While we're confident that our research team has done their due diligence, we strongly encourage you to review the information at your own pace; and with competent, ethical 3rd-party financial, legal, and oil and gas professionals.

What kind of information do we provide?

  • Carefully-Vetted and Fully Transparent Investments   Key Deal Points, such as known Target Zones... tax deductions...3rd-party engineering report... and Exit Strategy
  • Carefully-Vetted and Fully Transparent Investments   A brief bio of the project Operator, which includes the number of wells they oversee... results of personal and Company background checks... any lawsuits they're currently involved in... and a brief description of their financial condition
  • Carefully-Vetted and Fully Transparent Investments   A detailed description and breakdown for what activities and which wells the capital will be used for; plus exact Working Interest and Net Revenue Interest payback percentages to investors
  • Carefully-Vetted and Fully Transparent Investments   Three Potential Forward-Looking Financial Projections for annualized returns, usually over 3-5 years, that include a Low, Medium and High case
  • Carefully-Vetted and Fully Transparent Investments   Due Diligence Downloads which include Mineral Ownership Breakdowns... Geologist's Drill and Re-Entry Summaries...Historical Production records and Comparison Logs... and Forward-Looking Economic projections

But that's not all. We also include a recorded conference call to go over the project details. We welcome potential investors to be on the live calls.

We want to make sure that “all the cards are on the table,” and you know all the possible rewards and risks of every EnergyFunders project.

If you're fairly new to oil and gas investing, this may be overwhelming at first. That's why we encourage you to have qualified 3rd parties look over as much information as needed—and take as much time as you need.

We want to make sure you make a fully-informed decision that you're comfortable with... and lets you sleep easy at night.

If you're ready to review our current portfolio of carefully-vetted oil and gas projects, please click the button below.

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Partnership means that an affiliate of EnergyFunders, LLC is a general partner in project venture capital funds.