Why EnergyFunders?

Crowdfunding Investment Opportunities in One Simple Portal

Crowdfunding Investment Opportunities in One Simple Portal

EnergyFunders believes in putting the investor first. We offer vetted crowdfunding investment opportunities – and give you all the information you need to select investments that are right for you. We carefully examine each project and select only the best to present to our investors. We partner with elite operator teams, and we make our selection processes and project details easily available.

What Makes EnergyFunders Different?

When you invest in an EnergyFunders project, you have access to:

  • Projects with highly experienced operators
  • Third-party engineering reviews of projects
  • Smaller buy-in opportunities to diversify your portfolio
  • Extensive tax breaks for investors
  • Participation rights into the entire oil and gas lease

We make it easy to view oil crowdfunding investment options, review opportunity details and take advantage of tax breaks for investors.