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Our simple investment platform lets you view details about vetted investments and select ones right for you. We focus on oil and gas investing, which offers unique tax benefits to investors including deductions up to 80% of your investment in the first year.

What We Do

EnergyFunders provides access to direct oil and gas investing, currently focusing on drilling opportunities. We cut out the middleman, provide details about all projects and allow smaller investments spread over more projects. We believe in transparency and give you all the control over your investments.

Why EnergyFunders?

We only partner with proven operators. We carefully vet all projects and give you control of your investments with all the details about investments.

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Our Team

We combined our legal, oil and gas, and financial expertise to bring you an easy-to-use investment platform.

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Q&A with the CEO

Get the details on our business model and oil investment process.

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EnergyFunders and Crudefunders: A Comparison of Two Crowdfunding Platforms

August 05 2018